Richard Evans
Group Commercial Director & MD Consulting
Wilf Hill
Consultant - Security Sector
Claire Palafox
Executive Consultant - Leadership Practice
Milena Parker-Jurd
Consultant - Leadership Practice
Richard Mullen
MD Software, Security, Travel, Telecoms
Emily Heath
Robert Bowry
Consultant - Life Sciences Sector
Steve Pilling
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Cowie
Account Manager - TV & Online Media Sector
Rachel Webb
Finance Assistant
Oliver Draper
Managing Consultant - Medical Technology Sector (In Vitro Diagnostics)
Ava Kinnaird-McFall
Head of Operations and Well-being
Adam Bettine
Senior Consultant - Life Sciences Sector
Maisie Stoneham
Senior Search Consultant - Autonomous Technology in Automotive and Robotics
Luke Sinclair
Principal Consultant
Jessica McLennan
Consultant - Telecoms Sector
Thomas Drew
Senior Consultant - ITSM/ServiceNow
Emma Vankova
Contracts and Resourcing Manager
Andrew Ball
Senior Consultant - MedTech Sector
Josh Prosser
Principal Consultant - Security Sector
Celia Joyce
Consultant - Automotive Sector
Matias Martin-Baeza
Managing Consultant - Life Sciences Sector
Stuart Jordan
Associate Director - Telecoms Sector
Chris Watson
Senior Consultant - Security Sector
Kerrie Hall
Accounts Controller
Aldo Cavero
Executive Consultant - Automotive Sector
Tora Richardson
Director - Financial Technology Sector
Alex Volta
Charles Byrne
Consultant - Artificial Intelligence
Louise Garrison
Researcher - Enterprise Software Division
David Hextall
Associate Director - Connected Car
Kelly Stapleton
Principal Consultant - Financial & Travel Sectors
Chloe Nunn
Internal Recruitment Manager
George Billingham
Senior Consultant - Automotive Sector
Thomas Fair
Senior Consultant - Supply Chain Software
James Lees
Consultant - Security Sector
Hannah James
Consultant – Head of Micromobility
Ross Czolak
Principal Consultant - TV & Online Media Sector
Sayful Islam
Consultant - TV and Online Media Sector
Joe Abson-Bennett
Consultant - Automotive Centre
Charlotte Akehurst
Head of Finance
Jonathan Deutsch
MD, Leadership Practice
Michael Schrikker
Director - Automotive Sector
Lauren Price
Consultant - Automotive Sector
George Denny
Consultant - Automotive Sector
Joe Parry
Consultant - Digital Development Sector
Harvey Clear
Associate Director - Software Engineering Sector
Ben Fielder
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Haggqvist
Principal Consultant - Enterprise Software Sector