How can you be sure your executive hire will perform, develop with your business and fit your culture?

We provide leadership assessment services to give you a complete picture of your potential senior hire, providing data and insight around functional expertise, market experience, industry knowledge, communications, career path, capacity to develop in-line with your business plans, and cultural fit. This involves:

  • Detailed qualification and reporting on their business profile: expert industry consultants provide insight into the breadth and depth of experience, measured against your requirements
  • Psychological analysis: leading business psychologists provide comprehensive analysis and psychometric testing – using science to measure personality and predict how profiles will behave, perform and develop within your business
  • Market intelligence and referencing: qualifying our data points; increasing confidence
  • Comprehensive reports, two way feedback, follow ups to probe deeper into points of interest

Wenham Carter follow a methodical approach to search and selection. We conduct a rigorous executive search to present the best possible short-list and then provide comprehensive reports backed up by business psychologists and market sources, to reduce risks to your business and ensure you hire the very best executive.