Cyber and Information Security

With high-profile and damaging commercial cyber-attacks on the rise in the last five years, and the growing threat of nation-state cyber warfare, the cyber security issue is now top of the modern CEO’s agenda. The security team work with stealth-mode, high-growth start-ups as well as the industry-leading security vendors, to source the brightest and most talented professionals in the market. Key areas include; Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, CASB, EDR, UEBA and SIEM in the security domain.

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Public Safety & Border Control

Wenham Carter helps governments and commercial businesses respond to the need for increased security; the spotlight falling on the threat of terrorism in the 21st century. We have a global network of senior industry profiles who are leading large scale infrastructure projects and deployments, and we support our clients in identifying and securing the experts who can help them advance within Big Data, Automation and Cybercrime.

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Currency & Government Solutions

Technology around the identification of citizens, protection of brands, document security and authentication has undergone significant change over the past decade. With the digitalization of these processes, and the resources and skills of counterfeiters growing, governments and business fall under increasing pressure. We help our clients evolve by recruiting the world’s leaders within Biometrics, Government Programs, Brand Protection, Currency solutions, Product Authentication and related technologies.

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