In Vitro Diagnostics

The IVD space is set to dramatically reshape how medical devices are used to perform tests on samples taken from the human body to help detect infection, diagnose a medical condition, prevent disease and monitor drug therapies. It will create huge market opportunities for new players with disruptive technology in the infectious diseases and oncology space. These two main areas are where we help both blue chip medical device companies and cutting edge start-ups find experts with both industry and regulatory experience, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of your needs and challenges.

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New cardiovascular device therapies for Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Heart Failure (HF) are rapidly evolving with the use of innovative materials and new technologies. While new concepts for cardiac technology are not lacking, successful commercialisation is a skill that is also required. We help new and existing clients find industry leading professionals to ensure they can obtain this and compete in this area of patient care.

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Big data is everywhere and its influence and practical omnipresence across multiple industries will continue to grow. The healthcare industry is certainly no exception. With a seemingly endless stream of biological data being generated across sectors, there is a high demand for talented, experienced professionals at the crossroads of biology, statistics and computer science. We are helping companies already operating and those looking to enter into the space find these industry leaders to take advantage of the data on offer which can be used to improve the way patients are treated.

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Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery through the use of robots in the operating theatres is a strange concept, but one that is being used more and more and will see huge growth in the future. A lot of the largest and most successful Medical Device companies have started to or are looking to enter this space and we are following it all the way. Who is going to produce the next Da Vinci system, a fascinating part of our industry to see unveil. We are talking to our clients around the world about their plans and the type of experts they are looking for to help drive this.

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