Our story

Our best ever year was last year in the midst of the worst recession in 300 years. Even though we’d been operating very successfully for over 20 years, 2020 was a stand out year. We were 30% above our best ever performance, everyone was earning amazing money and blending work with a great lifestyle for them and their families. We were winning more retained executive recruitment campaigns and placing more technical contractors than we’d ever done before. We’d blown up the 80:20 myth of 20% of the people doing 80% of the revenue. Everyone was doing well. Our top consultants were earning over two hundred thousand pounds a year and were working more flexibly and less hours than ever before.

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Ben Fielder, Founder & CEO

A year of innovation

In 2020 we’d perfected our approach to our markets, enhanced our training, and even extended what we did. We started offering additional services including brokering new venture capital funding for the technology start-ups and even helped them sell their technology to our other clients. One deal currently in the pipeline will net over $85 million for our client and generate over $4million in fees for the recruiter who had brokered the deal.  We were becoming much more than just a technology recruitment organization.

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Summer 2020

In the summer of 2020 we decided to invest in a new concept and blend the ultimate lifestyle recruitment business purchasing an old Victorian warehouse near the beach in Brighton & Hove where we are based.  Currently being re-developed this new hub will provide ultimate 21st century lifestyle including private dining, clubhouse, gymn, showers and accommodation enabling new recruits to work anywhere in the UK & Europe but come and stay in our hub right down the road from the beach for training and events throughout the year. Stacked full of paddleboards, electric bikes & scooters it means recruiters could work from their home office but travel and stay in our hub whenever they wanted. 

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The concept

  • Work from your home office anywhere in Europe
  • Paid travel to our hub in Brighton UK once a month / once a quarter
  • Stay in our accommodation and enjoy the hub a private members club for our recruiters
  • Blending, office, gym, private dining and outward focused lifestyle by the beach (use of our paddleboards, electric bikes, scooters etc…)
  • We’ll train you in our approach and markets via our Incubator 2021 program
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Our business

We are the world’s first organization that blend senior level recruitment services, venture capital funding and technology sale / partnership management to the technology and life sciences start-ups we work with. To date we’ve completed over 4000 searches across 82 countries and counting and brokered millions of dollars of sales for our clients. Many of the key innovations over the last 20 years have been developed by people we place. Netflix, Tesla, Apple Pay. We are now heavily involved in the technologies getting our world to Carbon Zero. We have hubs in Brighton our HQ and in London.

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5 Key strands

Our 5 Key Strands Are:

  • Senior level board appointments
  • Mid-level permanent commercial and technical placements.
  • Technology contracting & Interim assignments.
  • Brokering venture capital funding for start-ups looking for Series A, B & C funds.
  • Brokering technology sales & partnerships leveraging our international networks.
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Our culture

We are a very relaxed, clever and hard-working group of people. We don’t work long hours as we believe in working smart not long. We bill good money. Recruiters book from £200,000 to £800,000 per year. We book big fees. Largest perm fee: £262,000. Largest contract fee: £292,000. We’re not just recruiters as we help our clients get additional VC funding and help them win business. We’re all deep global specialists in what we do. People are very happy. Just look at our Glass Door Reviews.

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Amazing work spaces

In 2020 we purchased on eighteenth century Victorian Warehouse just 8 minutes from the seafront and took on the challenge of redeveloping the site to provide an new style work & play office for the Post Covid world where people could work anywhere in the world but travel to the hub for training, collaboration and amazing social experiences. Due for completion in 2021, welcome to the HUB. Think Soho House meeting Beach Life Style. Book Private Dining for you and your friends. Stay in our Dedicated Accommodation by the Beach.

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Amazing activities

Make Use of our Equipment (SUP Boards, Kite Surfing, Electric Bikes, Scooters) & our activities (Yoga, Pilates, SPIN Classes, Meditation). 8 minutes away from the beach and Brighton Premier Beach Club Location Rockwater. Some of the best food, cultural & party scenes anywhere in the UK. 

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Could this be for you?

We want lovely, intelligent, motivated people that want to earn good money.

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Leadership Team

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