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By: Ben Fielder,

Today at Wenham Carter we’re in the kind of reflective mood that comes before the next step forward. Since our inception in 2001 we have occupied the space at the leading edge of technology and science, seeking leaders and specialists at the cutting edge of their field and connecting them to opportunities that maximise their impact.

Like many of the clients we serve, our business growth has been fueled by the practice of curiosity and ambition. We have given our talented industry specialists the freedom to explore: their interests, technological and scientific developments, commercial and market opportunities. This applied curiosity has seen us develop deep commercial and technical specialisms across multiple industries. Today, those are Life Sciences, Fintech, Space, Software, Cyber Security, Automotive, Mobility & Manufacturing and Digital Development.

A key component of our success has been to build a business without borders. We see and proactively seek opportunities wherever they are, without bias or preconception. In this way, we have helped countless businesses expand their geographical and market reach.

As a natural continuation of our journey, we’re happy to share that a month from now we will open an office in New York City. This presence will bring us closer to, and allow us to better serve, our existing clients and candidates in the Americas, as well as those companies advancing the cutting edge of technology and science.

Looking forward to joining our community in NYC

Ben Fielder