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Our CEO & Leadership practice works with organisations within TMT and beyond but with a very specific focus on finding two types of non-executive director profile: Digital Transformation experts and the leading Women in Technology. They work with both established non-execs and C-level executives looking to transition to portfolio work.

We help traditional, old-economy companies across multiple industries gain access to the titans of the tech industry on a non-executive basis, providing the leading experts who can drive digitalization within their organisations. Our team helps strengthen organisations at board-level by placing the best of breed advisors who understand digital transformation and the impact of technology on the future of business, strengthening corporate governance and helping them keep up in the race towards digitalization.

We continue our work to drive diversity in the TMT industry by focusing on working with the leading women at non-executive level, supported by our programs to champion the leading Women in Technology. The need for increased diversity within the tech industry is moving up the corporate agenda, and we are helping our clients attract the most talented women advisors in the industry.