Connected Car & Urban Mobility

The connected car revolution is set to dramatically reshape urban life. It will create new players and huge market opportunities around connected car, in-car services, car sharing, entertainment and enhanced mobility in the smart city. We help both traditional automotive companies and cutting edge start-ups find new talent. With expertise at all levels, across all functions and networks in 82 countries across five continents, we have access to the best whether on a permanent, interim, contract or non-executive basis.

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ADAS and Autonomous Mobility

The OEMs have committed to releasing their own completely autonomous vehicle by 2020. This has created a step change in the type of skills and expertise they need to turn this into a safe and functioning reality. We have access to some of the world’s top experts in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, AI, and other digital technologies who are helping our clients reach their goals.

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Electric & Clean Mobility

As the world pushes towards a more sustainable future, traditional combustion systems are being replaced by more green alternatives. We specialise in finding the next generation of engineers, architects and commercial leaders who are revolutionising the clean mobility space across electric, hydrogen, and traditional powertrain systems.

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Enhanced Driver Experience Technology

New technologies are challenging the traditional concept of “driver control”. We specialise in all areas of technology that enhance the driving experience. Specialities include vehicle dynamics, ride and handling and body control modules, and comfort systems. We provide experts on a permanent and contract basis.

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