Transport & Logistics

Car production is increasing year on year and with it, the urgent need to reduce congestion and its detrimental effects. Traffic management, public transport and city planning are key factors in this change. We work with technology firms developing IoT software and infrastructure solutions for parking, signalling, logistics/haulage and more. The leading developers, architects, engineers, commercial executives and board level leaders are in high demand worldwide. We work with our clients to identify and successfully attract individuals meeting their needs and fitting their culture.

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Smart Grid & Infrastructure

Smart Grid technology is helping to make further advancements within renewable energy as well as improving management, reliability and cost efficiency within the energy industry. However, Smart Grids could provide much more, the extent of which is being explored by the oldest infrastructure names in the industry as well as SME’s and think tanks. We are helping them find the world’s brightest and most creative minds to lead this industry into the next generation.

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Connected Homes

Energy providers, hardware manufacturers and software vendors are competing to offer the most efficient and encompassing connected home products for technology savvy consumers, and building complex partner ecosystems to achieve this. From Smart Metering to Home Security and Entertainment, we work with technology start-ups through to the world’s largest software houses, supporting them to recruit the best.

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IOT Software and Equipment

Successful Smart Cities will rely on the processing of massive amounts of real-time data from a plethora of sources across the urban environment. We work with the companies who are building the data foundations for Smart Cities in the areas of Smart Sensors, Lighting, Waste, Emergency Response, Industrial Manufacturing, Public Services, Power, Water and more. Our knowledge of the multiple facets creating this fascinating industry make us a obvious choice as a search and recruitment partner in the space.

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