The Internet of Things

Between 20 and 100 billion connected devices are predicted to go online within the next 10 years and this brings huge opportunities for our semiconductor clients who provide the building blocks for IoT. With roots in the industry since 2005, we continue to support the leading names by recruiting the board-level executives, commercial leaders and technical experts who can position them as a leader in the IoT semi market as they look to compete in this consolidating market.

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Embedded Security

The security of our devices has fallen under increased scrutiny in recent years. It’s clear that more needs to done to protect ourselves from threats, with one being providing security measures to protect devices at chip level. Wenham Carter works with the top talent in areas like Cryptography, TEE, Secure MCUs and Secure Element, from the silicon level up to the OS and application level.

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The landscape of the automotive semiconductor market has changed dramatically as vehicles have become smarter and more connected. This has led to an unprecedented need for top candidates with expertise in areas like Secure Access, In-Vehicle Networking, Sensors, Safety, Power Management and more. Wenham Carter has been involved with many of the high-profile moves in the automotive space over the last few years and has been pivotal in helping our clients build new teams and attract the best talent.

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