By: Richard Evans, Managing Director, Contracting Division
#CEO & Board Practice,

AI’s taking over the world… we’re hearing it a lot these days. First it was Elon Musk saying that artificial intelligence poses more of an existential threat to the human race than nuclear weapons. Now there are real and growing concerns that robots will be taking our jobs. Since search and recruitment companies are in the business of placing candidates into jobs, there’s been speculation that AI could alter the industry irrevocably. But how exactly will these changes play out? And how much of a threat does artificial intelligence actually pose to headhunting firms?

Some recruiters will have to move into new markets

BBC News ran a feature in September 2015 that predicted how likely it was for a robot to replace you at work, based on a study by researchers at Oxford University and Deloitte. They predicted that jobs like telesales or administrators were most at risk from automation, with clerks and some service industry professions not far behind.

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